Once students have been certified as Peacemakers or Mediators, they are encouraged to continue their journey as Mentors. Mentors are invited to participate in all new workshops for the level at which they are certified and to be of service to new students as they begin their own journey.

One of the greatest joys in my life now is sharing the things I've learned and watching the "light go on" in another woman, as she sees what she can accomplish with these skills.

  1. Participate fully and meaningfully in one Peacemaker workshop as a Mentor, observing the training of new students and serving those new students as they learn to be Peacemakers.

  2. Attend ALL scheduled sessions.

  3. Be ready, willing and able to act as a part of a team both in training and in conducting workshops, during this training and afterward as a certified trainer.

  4. Carry out all obligations regarding administration, leadership and follow-up sessions in conducting the workshops that are a part of this training.

  5. Be readily available to workshop participants to answer questions, encourage use of the new skills, and inspire students to be peacemakers.

  6. Regularly meet with Training team partner(s) to review and refresh skills before presenting them to or conducting follow-up sessions with students.

  7. Perform action assignments as requested.

  8. Keep a journal of personal experiences in the use of the skills and the mentoring of others.

  9. Walk the path of a peacemaker: be humble, avoid arguments and fights, use reflective listening skills when confronted with conflict.

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