Since early 2010, Prison of Peace has been working with incarcerated women and men throughout California to enhance opportunities for rehabilitation through conflict resolution practices...and it's just getting started. 

As of December 2016:

  • 5 - Launched in 5 California facilities thus far, including, Valley State Prison for Women, Valley State Prison, Central California Women's Facility, California Institute for Women, and Century Regional Detention Facility.
  • 500+ - Over 500 Peacemakers and/or Mediators have graduated from the Prison of Peace program, with over 125 released from custody.
  • 15,000+ - Prison of Peace Peacemakers and Mediators have engaged over 15,000 fellow inmates in peacemaking and conflict resolution processes.
  • 0% - Thus far, there has been no recidivism reported among those Prison of Peace alumni who have been released. 

Before participating in Prison of Peace workshops:

  • Over 60% report low communication skills
  • Over 73% report Inability to manage strong emotions

After participating in Prison of Peace workshops:

  • Over 95% report high communication skills
  • Over 84% report significantly enhanced abilities manage strong emotions
  • 97% of participants found Prison of Peace workshops useful
  • 99% reported that the workshop introduced them to new skills for use in solving problems or conflicts in their lives and/or communities.