Program Requirements:

Once a participant has completed all other levels of Prison of Peace, she or he is eligible to become a Prison of Peace Trainer, of the Peacemaker and/or the Mediator workshops.

Requirements for participation in Prison of Peace Trainer Training:

Teaching is not about sharing what I have learned, but about bringing all of the experiences of my life into the lessons, so my students see a personal relevance in what I am teaching them.  That earns their trust, keeps their interest and keeps them coming back.

  1. Be certified as a Peacemaker

  2. Successfully complete mediation training (Becoming a Peacemaker Trainer does not require Mediator certification, merely full attendance and completion of workshop.) 

Prior to embarking on the journey to become Trainers, all eligible participants agree to abide by all of the requirements of all other PoP levels, as well as:

  1. Be ready, willing and able to act as a part of a team
  2. Carry out all obligations regarding administration, leadership and follow-–-up sessions in conducting the workshops.

  3. Be readily available to workshop participants to answer questions, encourage use of the new skills, and inspire them.

  4. Provide continuing support to new Mentors.

  5. Regularly meet with Training team partner(s) to review and refresh skills before presenting them to or conducting follow-–-up sessions with participants.

  6. Complete all written assignments as continue to be requested by their PoP Trainers.

  7. Collect and review all written assignments from participants.

  8. Observe the growth of participants and write up what you see. Turn in your observations to PoP.

  9. Perform action assignments as requested by their PoP Trainers.

The Trainer Certification Process:

Phase I:  Prior to the observed internship phase, in which trainer workshop participants teach three full workshops to their own students, Trainees receive approximately 40 hours of advanced training including theory and techniques for workshop leadership, intensive review of all modules of the Peacemaker and/or Mediation workshops, and observed presentation of workshop modules.  Upon satisfactory completion of this phase they then move on to Phase II.

Phase II:  The Observed Internship phase of Trainer Certification requires that participants team-teach a minimum of three full workshop rounds of Peacemaker and/or Mediation Workshops (depending on which one they are seeking certification to teach, if not both), under the observation of PoP Trainers. Depending on the scheduling opportunities in each institution, the Peacemaker workshops can be completed in as little as 8 weeks or as many as 25 weeks, and the Mediation workshops from 4 to 16 weeks.  Because of the difficulties of adhering to regular scheduling in penal institutions, we have found that completing a trainer certification typically takes roughly 18 months from start to finish, but can take up to 2 years.