Building on the Peacemaking skills, all certified Peacemakers are given the opportunity to continue to the Mediator level of the program. In the Mediation workshop, they participate in 6-8 weeks of classes (over 40 hours of classroom training), learning techniques for engaging as impartial intermediaries in the resolution of conflicts among others.  Mediation workshops are offered at least once a year in each institution. The Mediator curriculum includes:

As a Mediator, I have seen monumental paradigm shifts within our community.

  1. Basic Mediation Skills: Peacemakers are taught from curriculum designed by Prison of Peace co-founders based on material they designed for their graduate level university courses and continuing legal education for lawyers, including the ethics of mediation practice
  2. Advanced Mediation Skill Development: Reinforce mediation practices and skills through interactive exploration of mediations conducted by inmates in the prison environment
  3. Encouraging Mediation in the Prison Environment: Mediators are taught how to approach others, whether in times of conflict or not, and explain the opportunities presented through the use of mediation, rather than allowing conflict to be resolved through violence or authority

Program Requirements: 

In addition to continuing all of their obligations as Peacemakers, those who wish to become certified Mediators are required to conduct 5 additional peace circles, 3 mediations and observe 2 mediations and write up their experiences and observations.