Peace is what it takes to make progress possible.

Participants fill out evaluations after each workshop. These evaluations provide a qualitative and subjective perspective from the participants with regard to their growth. 

What has happened?

Participants in this program have experienced dramatic personal transformations. Prison of Peace has allowed them to discover or re-discover their own humanity, become aware of their own emotions, and begin to understand and reflect back the emotions of others. In learning peacemaking and mediation skills, they are taught how people evade personal accountability and how to morally re-engage those who have become morally disengaged. As a byproduct, many naturally become morally re-engaged themselves.

In addition, there has been a qualitative shift in personal interactions in the inmate population. Personal arguments have reportedly reduced in quantity and intensity. PoP Peacemakers and Mediators have been able to de-escalate and resolve conflicts among fellow inmates and between inmates and staff.  Many inmates have provided written reports documenting the completion of Mediations, as well as numerous conflicts averted.